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Finstastic Friday


It is another Finstastic Friday! The Miami Dolphins will be in primetime! Are you ready to watch Tua Tagovailoa and Justin Herbert lead the way in what should be a fun game to watch?


A Friday with a Finstastic Feeling


I’m always excited to see the Dolphins play some football! But, this Friday has a Finstastic feeling to it. Both the Fins and Los Angeles Chargers need to win this game. It will have the feel of a playoff game. The game being flexed to Sunday Night Football added to that special vibe in the air as we enter the weekend.


Victory Keys for the Fins


  1.  Turnovers! Avoid them on offense and create them on defense. Yes, saying to win the turnover battle is a football cliche. But, it is a cliche because it is true. Miami has done well in the games that they have won the turnover battle. Look at the 49ers game to see what happens when you turn the ball over.
  2. More balance! It might be a Finstastic Friday, but to be a Sweet Sunday the Fins need a more balanced offensive attack as they take on the Chargers. Against San Fran, Miami only ran the ball 8 times. That allowed the 49ers to pin their ears back and rush the QB. Get the running backs involved by handing it off or even throwing it to them out of the backfield.
  3. Pass Rush. The Dolphins need to protect Tua from the Chargers pass rush of course. But, on defense Miami needs to generate a push rush without having to blitz. You can not give Herbert time, he will make you look bad. But, he can beat the blitz. A consistent push rush coming from the front four is a must!
  4. Special team. Jason Sanders needs to continue to show that he is over his woes from earlier in the season. Yes, he has not kicked long ones recently. But, he has hit more down the middle over the past couple of games. Punt return coverage needs to be better. Can’t allow the Chargers to get good field position due to a return.


Miami Must Charge Ahead from this Finstastic Friday


My finstastic feeling on this Friday will turn bad if Sunday is not sweet. Though it is not by definition a must-win game for Miami, this one sure has the feel of a must-win for the Dolphins. For the Chargers, it is really a must-win to keep their playoff hopes alive for 2022. That is what is scary.

Tell us on Twitter or comment here, if you feel this a must-win for the Fins.

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