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Hall of Fame Miami Dolphins



The Miami Dolphins have had several players make the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I list the Fins players below that already have their busts in Canton, Ohio. I also have information on retired Dolphins that should be on the list!



Hall of Fame Dolphins:


Yes, there are others in the Hall of Fame that have spent some time with the Miami Dolphins organization that are not on the following list. I kept the list of players that are best known for their time in Miami. The list of legends is in alphabetical order. The year they were inducted follows their name.


  1. Nick Buoniconti (Class of 2001)
  2. Larry Csonka (1987)
  3. Bob Griese (1990)
  4. Jim Langer (1987)
  5. Larry Little (1993)
  6. Dan Marino (2005)
  7. Don Shula  (1997)
  8. Dwight Stephenson (1998)
  9. Jason Taylor (2017)
  10. Paul Warfield (1983)


Dolphins Players That Have a Case for Canton


There is no shortage of people in Dolphins social media circles that believe that LB Zach Thomas should be in the hall of fame. I happen to be one of those people with that view.

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hall of fame zach thomas

Thomas compared to Urlacher


One of the common factors that hall of fame voters mention is if the player was considered elite at his position for multiple seasons. Yes, Thomas fills that box. The star linebacker was a first-team All-Pro 5 Times. The Pro Bowl might be a popularity contest, but getting voted in 7 times shows how people felt about Thomas over a long stretch of his career. If you compare Zach’s career with that of 1st ballot Hall of Famer, Brian Urlacher, then the picture becomes very clear on Zach’s deserving HOF status. Yet, year after year Thomas gets snubbed. Thomas is always professional about not getting the required number of votes. But, why would you expect any other reaction from Thomas? I witnessed him be a true professional on and off the field in playing days.

I’m not saying that Urlacher does not have a worthy place in the hall of fame. Urlacher is without a doubt deserving of a bust in Canton. Yet, why is he more worthy than Thomas? Check the following Tweet on how Urlacher feels about Thomas not getting voting in the Hall of Fame (Caution: Profanity).


Peyton Manning’s Thoughts on Zach


Okay, so that is just a fellow linebacker saying, Thomas deserves to be in the hall. Well, Peyton Manning on  Zach, “The most unnerving thing about playing Miami is Zach Thomas calling out all of your plays. He caused the most problems for me of any player I ever faced.”



Attention Hall of Fame Voters: Zach Thomas needs to be wearing a GOLD JACKET. Do not give me the excuse, that Zach did not play on championship teams. There are many HOF members that played on teams that were not great.


Richmond Webb’s Case for the Hall of Fame


The Miami Dolphins made OT Richmond Webb of Texas A & M the 9th overall pick of the 1990 NFL Draft. All the Dolphins asked of Webb in his rookie year was to protect the blindside of legendary QB Dan Marino. Yes, that was “all” they asked of a rookie! Well, he was up to the task from the start! The Dolphins needed to protect Marino from the likes of Hall of Famer, DE Bruce Smith.

Webb would go on to start 118 consecutive games for the Dolphins. He played well against the above-mentioned Smith in his career. Richmond Webb was named to the second team of the Pro Football Hall of Fame All 1990s Decade Team. OT Tony Boselli was also a second team member of the 1990’s All-Decade Team. Boselli is in the hall of fame. Yet, Webb waits. Webb played more games than Boselli.


Richmond Webb facing Bruce Smith hall of fame

Richmond Webb battles Bruce Smith

A Webb of Honors


According to Pro-Football-Reference, Webb was a 2-time All-Pro 1st team selection (1992 and 1994). Webb made the Pro Bowl 7 times (1990,’91,’92,’93,’94,’95,’96) in his 13-year career. Webb garnered Rookie of the Year Honors from the Sporting News. He was on everyone’s all-rookie team including being named a rookie of the year by UPI. He would start 183 games of the 184 he appeared in his NFL career. So, do you think that Webb has a strong case for the hall? I think Webbs deserves a GOLD JACKET just like Thomas is deserving.

Zach Thomas and Richmond are both humble people, so they are not griping about the voting process. Webb has stated in the past that it is not something that he can control, so he is not worried about it. He is happy for the people that get in every year. Webb has stated he lets his resume do the talking.

Do Mark Clayton or Bob Kuechenberg Deserve Hall of Fame Consideration?


Tell Dolphins Thirsty if you think a blog should be written on Mark Clayton or Bob Kuechenberg as players that deserve hall of fame consideration.

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