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Helmet Cam Tua Tagovailoa


Tua Tagovailoa wore a helmet cam during Miami Dolphins OTAs. This does not sound like big news but for whatever reason it sent social media pages into debate mode. I guess, it should not come as a surprise since our QB is a polarizing figure.


Helmet Cam


I do not see any harm in doing whatever it takes within the rules to help your team win. But, some people on Twitter and other social media outlets claim the helmet cam is an embarrassment. Why?

Teams look at game film and practice sessions all of the time to access the team. Why is having an extra angle a bad thing? I saw some say the cam proves that Tagovailoa can’t read defenses so he needs extra help from coaches to break down reads for him.

This is a losing take from any angle. If he does need help reading the field, why would you not want to help fix it? There are programs for people to improve agility, speed, strength, and countless other needed skills. So, why is doing something to help anything a bad thing? Please explain!

People say the helmet cam is embarrassing because no other NFL QBs are wearing one. Could the Miami Dolphins be trendsetters on this front? Maybe other teams will also see the benefit. When you stop trying to improve in any manner then it might be time to take something else as far as a career.


OJ McDuffie is for it! Jason Sarney too!


OJ McDuffie voiced his helmet cam approval on Twitter.




For the sake of fairness,  TD Phins Talk is actually for the helmet camera as well. You can see his take on his YouTube channel, But, it was his tweet that set Dolphins Twitter ablaze. So, what is your take on the helmet cam being worn by Tagovailoa during OTAs? Tell us on Twitter!



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