McDaniel Speaks

McDaniel Speaks


Mike McDaniel speaks to the media via his weekly press conferences. He touched on the topic of Tua Tagovailo’s injury.


McDaniel Speaks on the Status of Dolphins


McDaniel spoke to the local media this week in his normally scheduled press conferences. Of course, the hottest topic was the health of Tua. On Wednesday, McDaniel advised that Tua has been ruled out for this Sunday’s game against New England Patriots. In other words, Miami’s playoff hopes now rest with Teddy Bridgewater at quarterback. Is Teddy ready?

McDaniel speaks:

On Tua’s status, “In regards to Tua, I’ve been advised by medical professionals that it’s critical that Tua worries only about the day that he’s currently in and nothing else. He is in the building, but beyond that, as medical professionals will tell you, any added pressure, any added sort of – anything beyond that day does not behoove the process at all so I’ll take that very serious and worry about his health first and foremost and take the advice of the medical professionals.”

Did Tua sustain a concussion?: “He did.”

McDaniel on this week’s plan at QB.


Is Teddy Bridgewater the Starter for the week?: 

“The whole idea of taking it day to day is kind of rough on coaches who have to plan for a bunch of people, so the approach that I’m unequivocally taking, today I was on the phone, I met with him yesterday – I met with Teddy yesterday; I was exchanging ideas and talking through some stuff all the way till like 10:15 last night. Then it was his bedtime. And so moving forward today and the whole team’s approach is Teddy Bridgewater is the starter. This is why we thought it so vital to go after him in free agency. This is why he’s done such a diligent job during the course of the season with his own injuries and such to be prepared for this opportunity. And I know the team is very excited. I feel very fortunate to have him and for him to get his opportunity that he’s totally prepared for.”

In case you missed it here is the Wednesday presser as McDaniel speaks to the media.


So do you feel that Teddy is ready? Tell us here or on Twitter if you think the Dolphins can beat the Patriots!


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