Miami Dolphins Tuesday

Miami Dolphins Tuesday


It is Tuesday, and the Miami Dolphins are in the playoffs this coming Sunday! Instead of worrying about Black Monday firing decisions, we are worrying about our Fins beating the Bills!


Miami Dolphins Tuesday Thoughts & Notes


Mike McDaniel during his Monday press conference was asked about the status of Tua Tagovailoa. McDaniel stated, “So he has not been cleared for that level yet. I’m hoping to – with all three active roster quarterbacks, they all have injury-related concerns. I’m hoping to have some clarity on Wednesday. But as of right now, it’s literally the same, if not more vague, than when I just saw most of you guys last.”

McDaniel was also asked if he expects Raheem Mostert to play. He stated, “He will not be engaging in any competitive games of thumb war because he broke his thumb. So what is that? That right now, it’s a serious injury. It’s hard to know if he’ll be able to play this week. I never put anything past Raheem Mostert, I’ve learned that over time. But it was a significant break of his thumb and he’ll be addressing that this week.”

McDaniel discussed the statuses of Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle, and Terron Armstead. All three of those players will be evaluated as the week goes on. A video of Hill playing basketball on Monday surfaced on the internet. I could not verify if it was a new video from yesterday or from the past. People were saying that it was indeed Hill playing basketball yesterday (01/09/2023). If that is the case, the ankle did not seem to be bothering Hill as he was playing a game of hoops.


Other Fins Notes


The Miami Dolphins are set to play their first playoff game since 2016. As of Tuesday, they are 10.5-point underdogs. We will see if the line changes if it is announced that Tagovailoa is able to start. When is the last time the Fins won a playoff? Way too long ago! But, if you really want to know they last won a playoff game on December 30, 2000.

I feel that Miami can give Buffalo a good game. We will see what players can give it a go. As always, Fins Up!

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