Miami Dolphins Rumors

Miami Dolphins Rumors


The Miami Dolphins always seem to be linked to rumors. I guess that is a direct result of not having a playoff victory in over the past two decades.


Believable or Unbelievable Rumors Miami Dolphins Style


As I Miami Dolphins fan, I’m always looking for Fins content. While on social media, it seems impossible not to see rumors surrounding the Fins. I’m more concerned with Miami getting a win against the New York Jets while also hoping the Patriots fall to the Bills. Yet, the social media posts that get the most attention seem to be rumors. I will discuss some I’ve seen just this week, in hopes you will chime in with views on if they are believable or unbelievable.

Rumor 1:


This report comes via Armando Salguero of Outkick. Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross might fire first-year head coach Mike McDaniel. Salguero says this might happen if Miami fails to make the playoffs. He also said defensive coordinator Josh Boyer is on the hot seat and may get fired even if McDaniel stays.

Do you think this a believable or unbelievable rumor? Dolphins Thirsty’s take is that McDaniel has shown enough promise to warrant another season. It is very believable that Boyer could be fired. I will go with that is not likely that McDaniel gets axed. But, will not go as far as saying unbelievable, because Ross might not understand if the losing streak hits 6 games. I still think McDaniel survives, but if Ross has a behind-closed-door deal with a veteran coach then all bets are off the table. I feel Ross only fires McDaniel if he has what he considers a superstar coach in hand.


Rumor 2:


This gossip comes from the thoughts of Albert Breer via Breer did not say this is one of the rumors he has heard surrounding the Miami Dolphins. Yet, he reasoned that if Tom Brady decides to play in 2023 it would make sense for Brady to look into the Fins as an option.

Breer stated this as being mere speculation on his part. But his reasoning is that Brady has two children living in Miami. So, if Brady plays and wants to be near his children Breer feels that Miami makes sense for Brady. I have seen other people link Brady to Miami next year as well. Those people suggest that since Miami tried to get Brady last year, it makes sense for the Dolphins to try again. Does Brady hooking up with Josh McDaniels with the Raiders appeal to Brady over going to a coach he does not know?

I feel as of 01/07/2023, that this one falls in the unbelievable category. There are too many unknowns right now. The main unknown is if Brady is even going to play next year. If he does play, does he think the Miami Dolphins will have a chance to win it all next year with him? There will be no shortage of rumors this year surrounding Brady. Outside of the above-mentioned family situation, Brady might not feel Miami is a great option. It is also unknown if Miami will have substantial cap space without sacrificing other quality players.


Rumor 3: Miami Dolphins Rumors


This rumor hinges on the outcome of the Mike McDaniel decision. Do the Dolphins make another run at Sean Payton to become head coach of Miami? This one also comes from Breer. Breer thinks that if Miami loses its sixth straight game, the Dolphins become a “wild card” team in pursuit of Payton if they kick McDaniel to the curb.

If this plays out, does the above-mentioned Brady speculation change? Last year rumors linked Brady and Payton both to the Miami Dolphins. But, as you all know it did not happen and Miami got nailed for tampering which cost them their first-round pick. The Fins would have to work out a trade for Payton if they go this route. Miami would have to make sure to get their Rooney Rule candidates interviewed as well. So, a lot has to be done.

I feel this one falls in the unbelievable category as well. UNLESS Ross fires McDaniel on “Black Monday” if the Dolphins lose to the Jets. If McDaniel gets fired then Payton to Miami becomes very believable. As I said in rumor #1, I feel McDaniel survives. So, I’m sticking with unbelievable for now. Check back in on Monday, if McDaniel gets the boot.


Rumor #4:


Lamar Jackson will be the quarterback of the Miami Dolphins. This rumor is all over social media but not from any big named media outlets like the above rumors surrounding the Fins. Yes, the Ravens and Lamar Jackson are at a stalemate in contract talks. Jackson does not have an agent, so he is doing the negotiating on his own behalf according to reports.

This one is the unbelievable category again.  The Ravens are not going to simply let Jackson walk away. They will place a franchise tag on Jackson if they cannot agree on a long-term deal. If the Ravens decide to trade Jackson after tagging him, there will be other teams that can offer the Ravens better draft picks since Miami is without a 1st round pick this year. Plus, other teams will have more cap space to give the big contract that Jackson will demand.

Jackson also missed time in the past two seasons. Missing time has been the biggest knock on Tua Tagovailoa. So why would Miami be inclined to give up player and draft capital as well as huge money to a player that will most likely miss some action? Don’t get me wrong, Jackson is a talented QB, but I just do not see this move as making any sense.


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