Mike McDaniel

Mike McDaniel

Head Coach Mike McDaniel


Head Coach Mike McDaniel had a press conference on Monday following the Miami Dolphins win on Sunday over the visiting Patriots. Miami beat New England by a score of 20-7 to open the 2022 NFL season.

McDaniel on the general feeling of the players on Monday stated,

“There were no celebrations or parties today. I could tell the team knew there were some plays to be made on the field that we didn’t make. Throughout the whole building, guys were focused on getting better and improving before this Baltimore game. I promise you, Baltimore couldn’t care less about our happy feelings on Sunday.”

Mike Mcdaniel on Tua Tagovailoa’s performance against the Patriots:

“I was happy with Tua because he did a lot of things well and he got the taste of some things he wasn’t that fired up about. To do your position right in the National Football League, you can’t be afraid to find things you can do better at. There were a couple times Tua was covering for me because I got in the play later than I would like. That’s something I have no patience for, of myself. There are some things he’s done in practice that he didn’t do exactly the same in the game.

Injury Notes from Mike McDaniel’s Press Conference


Mike McDaniel noted some injury updates. He advised that Cethan Carter is in concussion protocol. Also, the coach advised that the team is taking Austin Jackson’s ankle injury seriously. So, he advised the Dolphins will get more eyes on it.

McDaniel on Offensive Line Performance


McDaniel said overall he was pleased with the performance of the offensive line with the understanding that improvement is needed. Also, McDaniel thought some plays were just a hair-off from busting for big gains.



Mike McDaniel on why Noah Igbinoghene was Inactive


Mcdaniel advised that Noah Igbinoghene was inactive. Because the coach thought that he was happy with the secondary overall. He said it was not a reflection of the game plan. Also, Mcdaniel added that Igbinoghene knew it was not a punishment.


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