Dolphins Miami, thirsty, high expectations

Notes on the Dolphins!


The Miami Dolphins season is almost upon us! Rookies reported to camp yesterday (07/18/2023)! Are the Fins ready to kick butt?


Miami Dolphins Chatter!


Expectations could not be any higher when it comes to fans of the Miami Dolphins. I have not come across many fans that expect fewer than 10 wins! There is a legitimate reason for those lofty expectations. The Dolphins have built their roster in an all-out effort to win and win now!

It all started when they traded for Tyreek Hill in the off-season last year. Chris Grier sent a clear and loud message to all that are paying attention. The message is that the Fins are in for wins. Then during the 2022 season, Grier pulled the trigger on another big trade. Sending another first-round pick away for Bradley Chubb.

The 2023 season for the Dolphins will be the season of no excuses! Fans have received the message and are expecting a big season from the team that rocks the aqua and orange!


Then Ramsey


Now, Miami has added another proven commodity in Jalen Ramsey during this off-season. He did not cost the Fins a first-round pick but he still got a lot of money after the trade. Yet, another clear signal that the Dolphins plan to take the NFL by storm in 2023.

There will be no excuses! Injuries are part of the game and are bound to happen, great teams manage through as best as possible in their pursuit of victory.

Second Year


My gut tells me that Mike McDaniel is the right man for the job. I feel that he will become the Dolphins first long-tenured coach since the Don Shula era. No, I’m not putting McDaniel on the Shula level, but I do feel like he has the makings of a great head coach.

Watch below for a video that aired live on our YouTube channel! If you happen over to Dolphins Thirsty’s channel on YouTube, make sure to throw a Dan Marino laser pass at the subscribe button!



Fins Up to all Dolfans!



1972 Miami Dolphins Trivia




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