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Tua Tagovailoa Passes the Eyeball Test


Tua Tagovailoa has passed the eyeball test that is how I look at it. You can put the analytic charts, velocity measurements, and any other measurement tools away.

Tua Tagovailo is a Winner


Yes, I know skeptics will say that winning is not a quarterback stat. But, this young man has overcome a major hip injury so we already know has a winning never quit attitude. But, just watching his improvement under this coaching staff along with some key offensive upgrades shows he gets the job done. Now, to the eyeball test. Critics of Tua Tagovailoa always want to point to a lack of arm strength. I think that lazy narrative needs to be put to rest.

Over the first three games of this 2022 season, the Miami Dolphins QB has shown that he can make “big boy” throws. Tua has connected on several deep ball passes, so there goes the theory that he can’t throw deep. Yet, what really passes the old tried and true eyeball test is Tua’s ability to get passes into tight areas with solid coverage. Two recent examples stand out right away in mind. Last week against the Baltimore Ravens, Tua threw a pass that was perfectly placed to Mike Gesicki. The pass may have looked high, but Tua knew that his tall, high leaping tight end could grab it. Yet, he also threw it knowing that only Gesicki could grab it. Tua Tagovailo shows confidence in his teammates. This, in turn, has his teammates showing more confidence in their QB.

The second throw that jumps out at you is his laser pass to River Cracraft for a touchdown against the Buffalo Bills yesterday. This throw was absolutely a perfect pass in my book. There was tight coverage, but Tua zipped it to Cracraft in the endzone.

Does Tua Tagovailoa Pass Your Eyeball Test?


Yes, Tua Tagovailo had monster numbers against the Ravens! But, his performance against the Bills also was impressive. You can see Tua’s progression this season. I do not know if it is the coaching staff, better line play, or more weapons but Tua has shown that he is a quality NFL quarterback. I feel confident with Tua Tagovailoa as being the QB of the Miami Dolphins. Tell Dolphins Thirsty how you feel on Twitter!


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