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Miami Dolphins Rumors Today


There are some Miami Dolphins rumors floating around. Even without much NFL Draft capital, Miami seems to be on the gossip pages of social media. Are you a believer in the rumors or calling it just the normal smoke and mirrors of draft time?


Today’s Latest Miami Dolphins Rumors


The running back position seems to be a popular trend among the Miami Dolphins rumors spreading around. The gossip involves a rookie running back and a veteran back.


The Rookie


Miami Dolphins Rumors, Jahmyr Gibbs

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There have been several connected media members spreading rumors about the Miami Dolphins trading up into the first round to pick Jahmyr Gibbs. The cost of moving into the first round would be steep. Most likely involves next year’s 1st round pick as well as other assets. Gibbs is a really good prospect that would be a good fit for the Dolphins.

Gibbs is said to be a favorite of Mike McDaniel per Peter King and Benjamin Allbright. From King: “The Dolphins don’t pick till 51st overall, but if there was some way to climb into the twenties to nab explosive back Jahmyr Gibbs, coach Mike McDaniel would love to do it,”



There is no doubt that Gibbs has the tools to be an immediate impact on the Dolphins in 2023. Yet, I feel Chris Grier might be reluctant to move up by giving up lots of draft capital for a running back. Grier’s history shows that he does not value running backs as much as others do. Yet, he might feel that Gibbs is way above everyone he has graded at RB over the past couple of seasons and might be willing to take the plunge. I have my doubts about this Miami Dolphins rumor but like everyone else, I’ve been wrong many times.


The Vet Rumor


Dalvin Cook is a favorite trade target of many Dolfans so I see how this Miami Dolphins rumor is flying around. Cook is a South Florida guy. His camp seems to let things leak out that Cook would love to return home to play for Miami. Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald was the first to report on this interest in Cook.

Jackson reported that the Dolphins and Minnesota Vikings have been in contact with each other about a possible deal. They have not agreed to anything but a foundation has been laid. Both teams could be waiting until post-June 1st moves to make this trade become a reality. The Dolphins gain more cap space after June 1st (Due to Byron Joes being waived) and the Vikings will save more cap space by waiting for that date as well.

I seem to buy into this rumor a little more than trading into the first round for Gibbs.


Yet another Miami Dolphins Rumor


There has also been talk that the Dolphins will let the board fall as it may. If one of the top guys they value in the second round is not on the board at 51, Miami would be interested in trading down to acquire more draft capital to fill gaps from their current lack of draft capital. Of course that requires a willing trade partner that Miami is comfortable trading down to after seeing how the board develops.


I do this fun so I have no resources. I’m just simply passing on Miami Dolphins rumors I have seen floated around. We will know soon enough! The NFL Draft starts tomorrow night (04/27/2023). As always Fins Up!


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