Andrew Raym, 2023 NFL Draft, Center, Oklahoma Sooners

Andrew Raym 2023 NFL Draft


This 2023 NFL Draft scouting report on Andrew Raym (Center/Oklahoma) is from Justin Caballero of Digging in the Trenches. Keep checking back for more player profiles!


2023 NFL Draft: Andrew Raym, Center, Oklahoma


Andrew Raym, center, Oklahoma, dolphins thirsty

Grading scale: 1 Poor 10 Elite COD: Change of direction


Caballero describes Andrew Rayman as having the traditional build of an NFL offensive lineman. A big “knuckle dragger” with above-average power. A violent quick striker that can do well in phone booth-size spots to still dish out strikes to defenders to get them off course.

Raym’s footwork is decent but not the lightest or quickest but not the heaviest either. Above average speed especially for weight. His movements laterally could be better. His change of direction (COD) on film looks average due to his tight hips. But as mentioned he is tough for defenders to deal with in tight spaces as Raym will not back down or give up on plays.

If Raym has the chance to finish the opponent he will! Violent hands attached to his strong arms make for a lethal power punch upon that initial contact. Still needs to improve upon his strength but it is there to be had. Has the “dog” factor. Seems to love and cherish the fighting that goes on in the trenches during big-time college football.  Has a thick strong lower half that helps control defenders as well. Does well blocking at the second level. Seems to be a leader with a high football IQ.


The Prospect Sheet


Andrew Raym like a lot of draft prospects was heavily recruited coming out of high school (Broken Arrow HS). Before choosing Oklahoma, he had offers from Georgia, Florida, Texas A&M, Notre Dame, and others (Resource:

Rayman’s high school won a state title with him on the team. It was the school’s first state title. He also played baseball while in school.



Draft Projection: Raym is another 2023 NFL Draft prospect that has a wide range of mocks. I’ve seen as high as a 2nd round pick and as low as 6th round pick. Projections will become clearer once the NFL Combine and Pro Days take place.


Overall, Cabellero feels that Raym might be a diamond in the rough if a team picks in him in the 3rd round or later. Raym has a good upside. 


Strengths~Andrew Raym


  1. Powerful in tight spaces
  2. Next level blocks
  3. Violent hands
  4. Can pull with good movement
  5. High football IQ




  1. Poor balance at times
  2. Lunges at misses if initial contact does not tie up the defender
  3. His Footwork is decent and light on his feet but needs improvement on his range


Caballero’s unedited notes while scouting


Andrew Raym, 2023 NFL Draft, Scouting report



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