Kenny McIntosh NFL Draft 2023, running back

Kenny McIntosh 2023 NFL Draft


This 2023 NFL Draft report on Kenny McIntosh is brought to you by Justin Caballero of Digging in the Trenches. More scouting reports coming soon.


2023 NFL Draft: Kenny McIntosh RB



Kenny McIntosh, 2023 NFL Draft, running backs

Grading scale: 1 Poor 10 Elite


Caballero loves the combination of size and speed that McIntosh brings to the running back position. This RB brings the wow factor when you watch him play. He improved each season while he was at Georgia. He should join the long line of UGA backs that went on to perform great at the NFL level.

Caballero states that McIntosh is not just stopwatch fast, he says use uses his speed during games to his advantage. Not only is he fast but he has the quickness factor as well. He can stop and go on a dime. This helps him be a quality receiver out of the backfield as well. He brings the qualities of a possession receiver to the backfield. Caballero describes this UGA back as having soft hands that he uses to his advantage.

Kenny McIntosh is not only about speed and finesse. He is a big strong back that can use his power to move the pile forward for those extra critical yards. Caballero says that McIntosh can get the job done as a blocker as well.

Caballero did note an area that needs improvement is McIntosh’s ball security. He needs to do a better job of holding the ball with two hands as he runs into traffic.


The Numbers


Rushing & Receiving Table
Rushing Receiving Scrimmage
Year School Conf Class Pos G Att Yds Avg TD Rec Yds Avg TD Plays Yds Avg TD
*2019 Georgia SEC FR RB 4 25 174 7.0 2 1 3 3.0 0 26 177 6.8 2
*2020 Georgia SEC SO RB 8 47 251 5.3 1 10 111 11.1 0 57 362 6.4 1
*2021 Georgia SEC JR RB 13 58 328 5.7 3 22 242 11.0 2 80 570 7.1 5
*2022 Georgia SEC SR RB 15 149 829 5.6 10 43 505 11.7 2 192 1334 6.9 12
Career Georgia 279 1582 5.7 16 76 861 11.3 4 355 2443 6.9 20
Provided by CFB at Sports Reference: View Original Table
Generated 2/9/2023.


As you can see in the numbers, Kenny McIntosh did improve as he progressed from his freshman to senior season.  He took advantage of earning more opportunities.


The Prospect Sheet


A host of college football powerhouses recruited McIntosh out of high school. Aside from UGA, Kenny had offers from Alabama, Auburn Oklahoma, and just about any other big football school that you can name. McIntosh is from South Florida and attended University School for high school.

He has two talented brothers RJ and Deon McIntosh who both played Division I football.

Draft projection: Between 2nd & 4th round


Overall, Caballero says Kenny has the needed tools to become an impactful player for the team that selects him in the 2023 NFL Draft.


Strengths: Kenny McIntosh


  1. Speed
  2. Size
  3. Receiving skills
  4. Improving each year




  1. Ball control and security
  2. Must learn more route trees as a receiver


Caballero’s unedited field notes while scouting




Kenny McIntosh NFL Draft 2023 Notes


McIntosh 2023 NFL Draft, Running back




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[…] Kenny McIntosh 2023 NFL Draft […]


[…] Kenny McIntosh 2023 NFL Draft […]


[…] Kenny McIntosh 2023 NFL Draft […]


[…] Kenny McIntosh 2023 NFL Draft […]


[…] Kenny McIntosh 2023 NFL Draft […]


[…] Kenny McIntosh 2023 NFL Draft […]