Tucker Kraft 2023 NFL Draft


This 2023 NFL Draft scouting report on Tucker Kraft was done by Justin Caballero of Digging in the Trenches. There will be more draft profiles coming to Dolphins Thirsty soon so keep coming back!


2023 NFL Draft: Tucker Kraft, Tight end, South Dakota State


Tucker Kraft, 2023 NFL Draft, tight ends

Grading scale: 1 Poor 10 Elite COD: Change of direction


Caballero notes that Tucker Kraft may have played for a smaller school (South Dakota State) but still has big potential. Tall at 6’5″ with good speed but he needs to work some on his “shake agility.” Like many smaller school prospects, the offseason pro days and combines will help him be seen. Brings a good skill set to the table.

Kraft will benefit once he joins an NFL team to start that intense training program. Tucker was used more as a blocker than as a receiver at SDSU in 2021. When he did have the ball thrown his way, he showed some ability to get extra yards after the first contact. Yet, he had some drops as well. Route running will need to improve he is going to be a receiving threat in the NFL. His 2021 receiving stats were better than this past season.

It is Kraft’s blocking skills that make Caballero feel that Tucker will stick at the next level. Caballero describes this 2023 NFL Draft tight end prospect as having excellent run-blocking skills. In the running game, this prospect is almost like having another offensive tackle on the field. His pass protection is a tad behind his running blocking but still does a decent job. Has the dog factor in him according to Caballero. Kraft seems to like to block and hit defenders. Good fit for an outside zone blocking scheme offense.


The Numbers


Tucker Kraft, stats, South Dakota State, 2023 NFL Draft


The Prospect Sheet


Kraft Tucker may have not been as heavily recruited out of high school as some other prospects in this draft. But, his play in 2021 got the attention of some big-time college football programs. Tucker has said to the media that some schools (Unnamed) offered him six-figure NIL deals to transfer for the 2022 college football season. He declined and stayed at SDSU.

His 2021 breakout season earned him FCS All-America honors both from Athlon Sports and Hero Sports.


Draft Projection for Tucker Kraft


Kraft should hear his name called on Day 2 of the 2023 NFL Draft. Looks a solid safe mock between the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Big workouts leading up to the draft could help him shoot up.


Overall, Cabellero feels that Tucker Kraft has the look and feel of an NFL tight end. Should be a solid blocker from the start of his career. Also has the potential to put up some receiving numbers as he did during his 2021 season. 


Strengths~ Tucker Kraft



  1. Run blocking
  2. Size
  3. The dog factor
  4. Potential for yards after 1st contact




  1. Route running
  2. Had some drops
  3. Gets stood up at times by stronger defenders while pass blocking


Caballero’s unedited notes while scouting


Tucker Kraft, NFL Draft Scouting Report


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