Brett Neilon, USC, 2023 NFL Draft, Dolphins Thirsty

Brett Neilon 2023 NFL Draft

This 2023 NFL Draft scouting report on Brett Neilon is brought to you by Justin Caballero of Digging in the Trenches.


2023 NFL Draft~Brett Neilon, Center, USC


Brett Neilon, 2023 NFL Draft, Center, USA

Grading scale: 1 Poor 10 Elite COD: Change of direction


Caballero describes Brett Neilon as short and stocky with smooth foot action. His upper and lower half match accordingly. This center’s smooth foot action allows for quick ninja-like movement during game action. Above speed straight ahead as well as laterally.

Neilon’s lower stocky build gives him an advantage in being able to have quick and smooth hip turns.  His contact balance is average but his toughness makes him tough to handle. Uses arms along with his violent hands as part of his attack on defenders. Sneaky strong with above-average power that surprises opponents. Arms are not long so it takes extra effort to make initial contact. At times lunges and misses blocks.

Neilon uses his eyes, hands, and feet in unison as he engages with a defender. His “dog” level is average but Caballero feels there is more of the dog in this USC prospect that will emerge on the next level. Caballero’s scouting notes on this 2023 NFL Draft prospect state that his technique is fundamentally sound.

Neilon shows above-average in both pass protection and running blocking. He is always ready to strike like a cobra according to Caballero. In pass protection, he can drop anchor when needed. Gets to the second level and finishes his blocks while run-blocking. His football IQ is off the charts high. Also seems to have leadership skills.


The Prospect Sheet


Neilon was highly recruited out of high school. He had several offers from major football programs before committing to USC. Some of the offers were from Michigan, Auburn, Arizona, Utah, and others. Earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration while at USC.

Spent years as a youth in Toyko, Japan where he played several sports. He played baseball, basketball, and soccer, and trained in martial arts.

Draft projection: Late-round pick or a priority UDFA. He could move up with solid combine and pro days workouts.


Overall: Caballero feels that Neilon has the potential to be a solid player in the NFL even though many scouts are saying he is a late-round player. Feels that in a zone scheme if given time to develop could into a solid starter. Caballero notes that he is higher on this prospect than other people grading him. 


Strengths~ Brett Neilon


  1. Strong
  2. Stocky build made for the center position
  3. High football IQ
  4. Sound technique





  1. Arms are not long
  2. Needs work on maintaining pad level
  3. Can be overpowered at times
  4. Experienced but still needs development time


Caballero unedited notes while scouting


Brett Neilon scouting report, USC, Center



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