Ricky Stromberg 2023 NFL Draft

Ricky Stromberg 2023 NFL Draft


This scouting report comes from Justin Caballero of Digging in the Trenches.  There will be a series of scouting reports for the 2023 NFL Draft coming soon. This report is on Ricky Stromberg of Arkansas.


2023 NFL Draft: Ricky Stromberg


2023 NFL Draft Ricky Stromberg Arkanas

Stromberg, Arkansas    Grading scale: 1 Poor  10 Elite


Caballero loves that Stromberg plays with some “dog”. Meaning that he brings high effort at all times. This young offensive line/center prospect for the 2023 NFL draft brings a workman-like attitude every time he steps onto the field. Caballero notes that Stromberg plays light on his feet and looks quick on film. His all-out effort makes up for some lack of technique that pops up at times during a game.

Stromberg has the feel for the game that should suit him well in the NFL. Caballero likes that Stromberg has a good combination of football IQ and physical strength.


The Prospect Sheet


Out of high school, Ricky Stromberg had offers from Arkansas, Tulsa, Colorado State, North Texas, and Utah State. He chose Arkansas where he would start for four seasons. Starting 44 0f the 46 games that he participated in during his college career. He recently won the Jacobs Blocking Trophy which is given to the SEC’s most outstanding blocker.

Draft Projections: Seems to be a wide range on this prospect. I’ve seen people say that they would not be surprised to see Stromberg get picked in the 2nd round of the 2023 NFL Draft. Most mock drafts seem to have him going in the 3rd or 4th round. I’ve seen him projected as late as a 7th round pick as well.

Caballero says that Stromberg is on his list as a possible All-Lindsay Team winner. The All-Lindsay Team is a title given by Caballero to players that may play above their draft status. He named the title after Phillip Lindsay who was an undrafted free agent that put up two 1,000+ rushing seasons in his 1st 2 years in the NFL.


Strengths: Rick Stromberg


  1. Strong upper body
  2. A motor that does not stop
  3. High football IQ
  4. 4-year starter
  5. Solid pass protection~sets the pocket
  6. Can manhandle opponents with strong hands




  1. His technique gets sloppy at times
  2. Needs improvement in finishing blocks
  3. Lunges at times which results in some miss blocks




Caballero feels that Stromberg has high floors. He should be a solid player with starter potential early in his career.



Caballero’s unedited notes while scouting: 


Ricky Stromberg scouting report


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[…] Ricky Stromberg 2023 NFL Draft […]


[…] Ricky Stromberg 2023 NFL Draft […]


[…] Ricky Stromberg 2023 NFL Draft […]