Dolphins predictions

Dolphins Predictions

My Dolphins Predictions


Normally, I stay away from making Dolphins Predictions. In this case, I will make an exception. I feel that this 2022 Miami squad will win between 9 or 12 games. Averaging out that thought process, I will go with a 10-7 record for this year. This range should land the Fins in the playoff picture. A playoff victory should be achieved based on the talent that Miami has on the roster. Hopefully, the hiring of Mike McDaniel as head coach will get the most out of the 2022 version of the Miami Dolphins! 

With the additions of Terron Armstead, Connor Willams, Tyreek Hill, Cedrick Wilson Jr, Raheem Mostert, and Chase Edmonds to the offense via free agency or trade, the expectation level of fans is very high. Plus, a solid returning defense also added some interesting pieces in veteran players. Such as Melvin Ingram, and Trey Flowers. The defense should even be tougher for opposing offenses to deal with on a weekly basis. Yet, the old skeptical Dolfan in me has me worried that I’m falling for the hype like so many times in the past. Most of those times led to disappointment. But, I really am excited for 2022, so I’m really expecting the Dolphins to reach the higher win total range of my prediction.

Big E Dolphins Predictions!



Ian Berger, better known as Big E, even has a stronger confidence level in making his record forecast for the upcoming season. He has Miami coming in at 12-5 with a playoff spot! Big E’s went strong with the 12 wins stead of doing the range that I chose. By the way, the Big E is a must-follow on Twitter! I’m sure most of you do so, but if not do it now. He brings the Dolfan community together as a only few can on social media. If there is an NFL-related poll on Twitter, Big E can turn it into a landslide for Dolfans!


Nation Media Dolphins Predictions


In an article posted on today, Jordan Danjani has the Dolphins as 1 of 5 teams that could shock the world this year. Phil Simms would not be surprised if the Miami Dolphins challenged the Buffalo Bills for the AFC East title this year.

Check out Waddle Hill!







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