Matthew Bergeron 2023 NFL Draft

This 2023 NFL Draft scouting report on Matthew Bergeron was written by Justin Caballero of Digging in the Trenches. Check for more NFL Draft content and mock drafts on this site!


2023 NFL Draft: Matthew Bergeron, OL, Syracuse


Matthew Bergeron, 2023 NFL Draft, Miami Dolphins

Rating scale: 1 Poor 10 Elite  COD: Change of direction


Caballero loves that Matthew Bergeron has position flexibility at right or left tackle. “This young man should find a starting spot sooner than later,” said Caballero. Fits the mold of a traditional NFL OT that plays for many years. Select this man and do not worry about that spot for several years.”

Bergeron has a high football IQ to go along with his tremendous size. Matthew Bergeron’s play is enhanced by using the proper technique in most instances. Caballero said, “Matthew is disciplined but at the same time plays with a nasty streak by using his violent hands. He has elite contact balance.”

He might not be the strongest at times but his technique is so solid that he is good at both run blocking and pass protection. Bergeron will stick with a defender even if he loses the first contact step. Bergeron is not going to swing the gate open to allow a clear path to the QB. Caballero said, “Matthew has the dog in him. His opponents better be ready to do better each snap.”

Matthew is tall but at times his reach is average. He would be a great fit in a zone-blocking scheme.


The Prospect Sheet


Matthew Bergeron played his high school ball in the Province of Quebec in Canada. He went to Cegep Garneau in Quebec City. Bergeron committed to play at Syracuse.


Draft Projection: 2nd to 3rd round






Caballero feels that Bergeron should be a long-term starter in the NFL with the chance to be a star.


Strengths: Matthew Bergeron


  1. Position flexibility
  2. Lots of experience
  3. Technique
  4. Football IQ
  5. The Dog factor


Areas of Concern/Improvement


  1. Gave up more sacks in 2022 than the previous season
  2. Strength at times
  3. Solid athletic skills but not great


Caballero’s unedited notes while scouting


Matthew Bergeron, scouting notes


2023 nfl draft, matthew bergeron


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